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The term Lessor defines the Company that owns the vehicle. The term Vehicle defines any model of bicycle. The lessor rents to the Lessee or his co-obligee, whose signature is affixed to the contract, the bicycle described in the terms and conditions set out in the contract and herein, which he accepts and undertakes to observe.




Failure to comply with any of the obligations described in this Article will result in the forfeiture of the insurance cover, unless the law is applied. The Renter agrees that the Vehicle will not be used:

- Within the framework of competitions without the prior written agreement of PROVENCE CYCLES.

- By a person under the influence of ethyl or narcosis, or any substance likely to affect driving, nor by himself in these cases.

- For illicit purposes, or for the transport of goods or people for a consideration.

- Overloaded, for example when the rented Vehicle carries a number of passengers greater than 1 (except for children whose weight is less than the load tolerated by the manufacturer).

- The Tenant also undertakes:

- to keep the said Vehicle protected by an anti-theft device and (or) any other means at its disposal to prevent its theft, outside periods of use by keeping the keys with it. The Tenant also undertakes to use the anti-theft device during each stop.

- to return the keys (if applicable) to the counter and in the hands of PROVENCE CYCLES. Otherwise, the Lessee's liability will be engaged if the Vehicle is stolen. Except in the event of theft, the Renter will be responsible for all the costs that PROVENCE CYCLES will have had to incur in order to redo the keys (if applicable) and to retake possession of the Vehicle and all fines that have occurred within 24 hours of the rental, s 'there occurs.

- never to transfer this contract, nor to sell, mortgage or pledge the Vehicle, its equipment, or its tools, nor to treat them in a way that prejudices the Lessor. Any violation of one of these commitments authorizes PROVENCE CYCLES to give notice to the Renter to return the Vehicle without delay.




The Renter acknowledges that he has received said Vehicle in perfect working order and cleanliness. Both tires are in good condition, with no cuts. In the event of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than normal wear, the Renter undertakes to replace it immediately at his expense with a tire of the same dimensions and equal wear. The Renter is responsible for damage other than normal wear and tear on the Vehicle due to the use of routes unfit for traffic, or, when the law allows it, for all other causes unrelated to the Lessor.




The rates applicable to the rental are those in force when the contract is signed. The rental price is payable in advance and the prepayment amount is determined according to the duration agreed in the contract and the rates in force.


Within the specific limits of the flow-through certificates issued or approved by PROVENCE CYCLES (value, duration, validity), their holders will not be required to make advance payment at the start of the rental and in the event of an extension of the latter, which must be previously accepted. PROVENCE CYCLES.


In the absence of a credential, and in order to avoid any dispute, the Renter who wishes to keep the Vehicle for a longer time than that initially agreed upon, must obtain the prior agreement of PROVENCE CYCLES and immediately send the balance of the rental, if applicable, and the advance payment corresponding to the new agreed term.


Under no circumstances can the advance payment be used for a rental extension. The Renter undertakes to return the Vehicle to the Lessor on the date provided for in the rental contract (delivery to PROVENCE CYCLES at the agreed location causing the rental to cease) under penalty of exposing himself, except in cases of force majeure, to legal proceedings. civil or criminal.


The Tenant undertakes to specify the exact and complete address of his domicile at the start of the rental.


Article 4 - PAYMENTS


The persons whose references appear on the PROVENCE CYCLES contract undertake to pay in accordance with Articles 1200 et seq. Of the Civil Code: The fees relating to the duration of the rental, defined by the price agreed at the start of the rental if the conditions of application of said tariff have been respected by the Tenant.


Otherwise, the fees for the replacement rate referred to in the agreed rate (made available to the Tenant). In the event of theft or damage to the Vehicle, the Renter nevertheless remains liable for an irreducible deductible, the amount of which is duly indicated on the contract. The amount of the deposit mentioned on the contract.


(1) Case of damage: The Renter will be required to pay for all damage caused to the Vehicle or its accessories during the rental period. If the cost of damage, after compensation from a responsible third party, if applicable, is less than the amount of the prepaid deposit, the Tenant will only be liable for the cost remaining to be borne by PROVENCE CYCLES.


(2) In the event of theft: In the event of theft, the Tenant will be liable for the full deposit.


In the absence of damage or theft, the prepaid amount of the deposit will be refunded after final receipt of the payment document presented. If the Renter or his co-obligator does not observe the stipulations of these general rental conditions, he will also be liable for all damage to the Vehicle or its market value.


All fines, costs, expenses and taxes on all infringements of the legislation relating to traffic, parking or others are the responsibility of the Tenant during the term of this contract.


The Renter expressly accepts that the failure to pay a single invoice on its due date or any unpaid debts shall result in the forfeiture of the term for unmatured invoices and authorize PROVENCE CYCLES to demand the immediate return of the Vehicle (s) in rental course.


Any complaint concerning the Vehicles or invoicing must be made within 30 days of the date of issue of the invoice.




The Tenant also undertakes to take all useful measures to protect the interests of PROVENCE CYCLES and the Lessor's insurance company in the event of an accident during the term of this rental contract and in particular:


To declare in writing to PROVENCE CYCLES, as soon as possible, any accident, theft or fire, even partial and jointly to the Police Authorities, any bodily accident or theft;


To mention in his declaration, the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the name and address of witnesses, the name and address of the owner of the opposing vehicle, the registration number, the name of the insurance company and the opposing party's vehicle policy number;


To attach to this declaration any police report, gendarmerie report, or bailiff's report if one has been established;


Not to deal with or compromise with third parties for damages relating to the accident or their consequences.


PROVENCE CYCLES declines all responsibility for accidents that the Tenant could have caused and which he / she will have to do his own business, except to apply the exclusions provided for by law.


In all cases, the Renter has the obligation to take his best care and diligence in the use of the Vehicle, in order to prevent shocks from occurring. Any damage found will be borne by him. The Renter who accidentally engages a vehicle undertakes to submit a duly completed declaration upon his return or subsequently in the event of force majeure. Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned obligations results in the forfeiture of the insurance cover relating to damage to the Vehicle.


PROVENCE CYCLES declines all responsibility for accidents to third parties or damage to the vehicle that the Renter could cause during the rental period if he has deliberately provided PROVENCE CYCLES with false information concerning his identity and (or) his address.




Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of PROVENCE CYCLE. In the event that the Vehicle is immobilized, repairs can only be carried out after written agreement and according to the instructions of PROVENCE CYCLES, they must be the subject of a paid and detailed invoice, the defective parts replaced must be presented with the invoice paid.




The Renter is responsible for violations of the Highway Code committed by him while driving the Vehicle. The aforementioned expressly authorize PROVENCE CYCLES to communicate their marital status and address upon request from the Police or Gendarmerie services.




Any changes made to the terms and conditions of this contract, if not recorded in writing, will be null and void.




In the event of any dispute whatsoever relating to this contract and insofar as the law allows it, the Court on which the Headquarters of PROVENCE CYCLES depends will have sole jurisdiction.

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